Footy Boot Swap

What is the Footy Boot Swap all about??

As all parents are very much aware.... kids feet grow fast!  

They grow out of their footy boots at a rapid rate, with many families accumulating collections of boots that are still in perfectly good condition.

With this in mind, Kenilworth has set up a Footy Boot Swap Program for our Junior players.  The idea is that as kids grow out of their boots they will be able to simply come in and swap their old boots for a larger pair of pre-loved boots that fit.  

If Senior players have boots in good condition they no longer use, we would love these to be donated to help out our teenage players.

We are hoping this will help to ease the financial burden of replacing children's football boots, and have the added benefit of helping to educate our young ones about reusing and recycling things of value, reducing unnecessary waste.

How it works

Bring your pre-loved boots to the large white box  located near the Clubroom and add them to the collection.

Make sure the laces are tied together so the boots remain as a pair.

Pick another paid of pre-loved boots that fit just right and thats all there is to it!

Please note that all boots need to be in reasonably good condition and cleaned before adding them into the box.