St Marys Park Becomes Simonds Park


The Kenilworth Football Club is pleased to announce that Simonds Homes has secured naming rights for St Marys Park for 2019 - 2020 and hopefully beyond. St Marys Park will now be known and referred to as Simonds Park, both the Kenilworth Football Club & Simonds Homes SA General Manager Mark Shearer are excited about this mutually beneficial venture.

More information to follow soon.

Coming Events

17th FEB 2019 - Fun Run / Colour Day


  • A fun Run with a twist 
  • More details to Follow closer to the date

7th March 2019 - Night At the Dogs


  • A fun night out at the Angle Vale Dog track. 
  • $35 per head plus a bus to and from the track
  • Everyone is Welcome to come along
  • More details to Follow closer to the date