Our History


Although the earliest known record of Kenilworth Football Club dates back to 22nd June 1906 (Vs Purveyors of Soft Goods), the official Year of Foundation for the club is 1907, with the side that year playing in the Royal Association. Originally founded by members of the Presbyterian Church in Young St, Parkside, and named after characters in Sir Walter Scott's novel Kenilworth, it is the second oldest club (only to Adelaide University) playing in the SAAFL today. The early Kenilworth Football Club played out of the Southern Parklands of Adelaide and enjoyed a great deal of success, winning the 1911 Premiership in the Uniting Church Association before joining the SAAFL for the 1924 season.  Kenilworth football club made their impact on the competition immediately - playing A1 finals in 11 out of 12 seasons, including Grand Final appearances in 1925 and 1928, and A1 Premierships in 1927 and 1930. Kenilworth's B Grade also brought home success, winning the 1931 A3 Flag.

The club suffered a decline in success during the 1930's, and faced eventual relegation to A2 in 1938. This relegation was short lived however, with Kenilworth promptly claiming the 1939 A2 flag to see itself back in the A1 competition. World War II escalated in the early 1940's and forced the suspension of many Football competitions for the better part of the decade, including that of the SAAFL.

Post war, although Kenilworth remained in A1 until the 1960's, the club was unable to challenge for another A1 flag. 1981 saw Kenilworth bring home the A3 flag, but it was predominantly the club's off-field performance that saw it merge with Colonel Light Gardens to form Kenilworth-Colonel Light in 1986, bringing with it a gradual decline through the ranks in the 1980's.

Kenilworth-Colonel Light subsequently triumphed to the A4 flag in 1989, restoring some strength to the club and allowing Kenilworth and Colonel Light Gardens respectively to re-emerge as solo clubs in the 1990's. Kenilworth also found its new home at St Mary's Park (formerly Panther Park) after the South Adelaide Football Club vacated and moved to Noarlunga in 1995.

Although Kenilworth football club successfully maintained its presence as a solo club throughout the 1990's and 2000's, the club again slipped through the ranks on-field, and after a horror season in 2008, succumbed to relegation to Division 6 for season 2009.

It was then under the guidance of Senior Coach Shane Baldock, that the club rallied to win the 2011 D6 Flag, and most recently the 2013 D5 Flag.